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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Guest Book Tree

Want to create a amazing display for that up and coming wedding or shower, then try making a guest book tree, instead of the traditional guest book. You can create an eye catching display or centerpiece for your guest to write well wishes.

It's easy to create this look all on your own, all you need are potted flower branches which can be cherry,apple or peach blossoms, also you can use curly willow branches and cymbidium or dendrobium orchids. And for the cards, you can have decorative or themed cards to match your event, for guests to write on.

The cards should be laid on the table with ribbons with a set of pens on the side.

I love this idea, its a simple and decorative way to ask your guests to write their well wishes or advice for you on the cards rather than simply signing their names and writing a generic congratulatory message. After the event, you can collect the cards in a nice chest or box for a perfect keepsake to keep years to come!

Via My DIY Wedding Day

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