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Monday, May 4, 2009

What kind of Bride Am I ?

First and foremost I was trying to see what kind of Style I wanted to design my wedding after. So I took a quiz thanks to, I discovered that I'm a Glamorous Bride.

"With a style that’s sleek, chic and a little bit dramatic, I adore the spotlight and all the glitz it garners".

The Glamorous Bride is :


-Leading lady


-Bon vivant



Glamorous women grab the attention of people
with their sleek style, and sophisticated taste and being in the center of the spot light.
Choosing a Color Palette:

Your wedding colors will set the tone for your event, So its important to choose a color scheme that reflects who you are and one you can have the most fun with, through out the entire months of planning and through out your actual event.

So I chose various whites, a touch of green with cream and silver accents.
This wedding will be all about Glamorous, Bling, and Extravagant decor. I want to have detailed elements to include; clear glass, water, flowers and extreme lighting.

I also wanted the look of pure, chic with a bit of over the top elements, to send my guest home with such amazement.

This inspiration board came courtesy from Bliss Event Group.

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